New mix online

My latest guestmix for Mea Culpa is online now!

New Compilation out

My new compilation is out now and contains tracks like “Disorder”, “Just A Groove” and more!

Or get it from Traxsource

Artist Series 01

Happy to announce my Artist Series via Clueless Music will be available on Dec 27th!

cover artist series man without a clue


  1. Disorder
  2. Just A Groove
  3. I See You
  4. Follow Them
  5. Get Right
  6. Lost Myself In A Trip
  7. Break It Down
  8. Just Listen
  9. Hello
  10. She Likes to

These Drums out now

front cover man without a clue

Available at

My new records “These Drums” is out now exclusive on Traxsource! hope you like it and if you do, drop me a line at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!



These Drums

front cover man without a clue

After a long break, I can finally say I’m back in business. This is one of the first releases that will come out very soon! Find the preview below and let me know what you think via facebook, instagram or twitter!

Music and stuff

Don’t you just love the music scene? I still do… Eventho I’ve been on a bit of a downlow lately, I recently found my mojo back again and starting going back into the studio and making music.

Found my passion back and actually recently finished the first new mwac single in a long time! More to be coming! Stay tuned!

All the best,


Toolroom Radio Guestmix

Listen to my guestmix for Toolroom Radio here!

Lost Myself In A Trip

Lost Myself In A Trip is out now!


Break It Down

Break It Down is available now in all digital stores!



New chapter

Catching a vibe this morning with something brand new! Outside of the “Man Without A Clue”, I’m starting up a new project called “M.W.A.C”, digging for the deeper and darker sounds and this is gonna be one of the records… I think… Never know what happens after a few more hours of work haha.

And yeah, I’m recording it on my phone, I usually do this, walk around the house, play it like a million times and “hum” new melody lines to it. This way I sometimes come up with something which could be usefull to use!

Ok, hope everybody has a great weekend!